Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Check Out Next Issue of Basin Breeze for Information About the Fall Season, Great Weather Book, Dock Project, Sail a Twelve Meter in Newport.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next Basin Breeze newsletter.  We'll be posting information about the fall season.

Here is an outstanding book about weather designed to give you the basic tools of forecasting with a focus on sailors, mariners, and aviators.  Might come in handy as a big  hurricane is just starting to barrel it's way up the east coast.  Should pass us us on Thursday.

Weather Predicting Simplified  by Michael William Carr, published by International Marine.

CBI has chartered the classic 12 meter yacht Weatherly, on Sept 19 in Newport RI.  We've got 14 crew spaces available.  The cost is $200 per person.  This is truly a unique sailing experience you shouldn't miss.  I know I won't. Sign up at the front desk before all the spots are taken.

Next Tuesday,  September 14, construction work begins in earnest on the front office. For 14 days showers will be offline and we'll have portable toilets available.



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