Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hurricane Earl and the 1-2-3 rule.

Hurricane Earl is looking like a nice visit to the Carolina's is in order.  And then maybe a little romp up our way.  Fortunately I have no experience sailing in, around, or about a hurricane.  I will be content to keep it that way and I believe this is a widely and wisely accepted course of action for most folks.  However, if you sail enough distance over enough time, you  will probably come in contact with situations that should be avoided, a hurricane being the most obvious and extreme example.  So have you heard of the 1-2-3 rule?  Sailors have lots of little rules, saynings, and kernals of wisdom to keep them from getting themselves into trouble. The 1-2-3 rule helps you avoid bumping into a hurricane.  Since that seems like a good idea I am sharing it with you here.

1  -  100 miles / 24 hour forecast
2  -  200 miles / 48 hour forecast
3  -  300 mile / 72 hour forecast

How to apply the rule:       1)  Look at the 24 hour forecast for the track of the hurricane.  Stay 100 miles away from the track.  2)  Look at the 48 hour forecast for the track of the hurricane. Stay 200 miles away from the track. And last but not least 3) Look at the 72 hour forecast for the track of the hurricane. Stay 300 miles away from that track.  This is a little bit simplified so check out this web site for more information.



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