Sunday, August 1, 2010

Brownies - Tough Duty, Good Things at CBI, Comm. Sullivan Signs "Notice to Proceed", Water Quality-Algae Concerns.

Last week as much as I tried to convey that judging a brownie contest at CBI was a heavy responsibility, a weight to be carried on my shoulders in the service of others, I'm afraid I was not successful.  My wife sent out a tweet to some zillions of folks linking to this blog and making some sarcastic comment like "Think your job is tough?  Look what my husband is doing today!"  Well she was right.  Judging the brownie contest was awesome. There were more brownies than there ought to be.  It was one fine day at work.  There have been more than a few fine days at work this year.  We've had some windy days and we're on track to see more Junior Helmsman ratings awarded than I can remember.  You may have noticed on Monday nights that we have "family sails" when juniors bring their parents and siblings as guests and get to show-off their new found skills. This past Saturday CBI hosted a regatta for the Special Olympics where over 40 sailors competed, and .Night Sails every friday night have been busier than anytime I can recall.

Other good news which has occupied much of our attention is that DCR Commissioner Rick Sullivan signed the "Notice to Proceed" to demolish and rebuild the CBI dock.  We've met with the DCR and contractor and will be posting soon, in the next couple of days, the demolition and construction schedule starting this fall.

This summer we've had some challenges such as concerns about elevated algae levels in the river, which sometimes happens when the summer heat warms the water and there are too  many nutrients creating  an algae feast.   Some algae can be harmful in large quantities and there lies the concern.  We stay in close contact with the CRWA and DCR. They conduct waterquality  testing and post warnings when water quality concerns arise. Based on their data and recommendations, over the past week+ CBI limited windsurfing and high performance sailing.   We should soon have their next testing results and recommnedation. I am hopeful  that we will lift all limitations this week.



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