Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dock Construction Project - Show Time! Best Weather Web Sites

After almost 7 years we finally get to stop talking about the "new docks" and see project move forward for real.  Here are the most important dates effecting our sailing operations  this fall..

August 23    420s decommissioning and storage begins. Plastic docks returned to "Head of the Charles" with our thanks.  Hauling and storage of keel boat, mercuries, launches begins.
Sept. 7      High Performance dock closed. Lasers and Windsurfers decommissioninfgand storage begins.
Sept. 7     Front Office construction begins.  Office closed.  We will access the dock next to the building and set up a makeshift office in the mainbay.  This last 3 weeks.
Oct. 4      Demolition and piling removal begins at high performance dock.
Oct 11     Last day of 2010 sailing season.

Once the fall gets here I  feel a little down when mention of the last day of the sailing season is made.  Not this year.  This year October 11, our last day of the sailing season, feels more like a well anticipated birthday with a special present long hoped for.  The dock we stand on today have given us every last measure of it's engineered life, then a bit more, then quite a bit more, and finally, through some force of nature not fully understood by science, the 2010 sailing season.  If one can feel gratitude for an inanimate object then our dock is a good candidate for that. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to thank those who built it many decades ago.  It has served thousands very well. I hope folks 50 years hence will think kindly towards the efforts of CBI , the DCR, The Esplanade Association, The Solomon Fund, and the many supporters of the project.

Best weather web sites     For those of you who missed Isaac Pato's weather talk "Extreme Weather Forecasting for Sailors" here are the best weather web sites you should know about.      -easy to use graphics, easy to check every day      -excellent non-government weather website, has the best free radar data on the web
http://adds.avia/     -best free satallite data     -medium and long range models     -Thunderstorm models     -good starting point to answer your questions.



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