Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tweaks to CBI's Boat Sign-Out/Sign-In

CBI Adult Program Director Andrew Alletag writes today's blog.  You probably have noticed a number of small changes to various standard procedures at CBI  this year such as a new flag color (yellow), bright pink floats at the tops of the Mercury masts, and we  now require that adult members (as juniors already do) leave their membership card at the dock house when they sign out a boat.  This of course means signing the boat back in when you return. So we've added a step to the process of going sailing here.  Our goal is to improve CBI's management of your safety on the water.  And so far on that front we are very satisfied. However, we've noticed that we still have a little work to do in making this new process of signing back in flow smoothly.  Andrew here offers some suggestions that you can follow to help out and we both thank for any and all thoughts on how to make the new system work better.  Shoot us an email!


Dear CBI Sailors,

As you may have noticed, the Dockstaff will now retain membership
cards at the dockhouse when you check out a boat.   We have received
 a lot of useful feedback, and we thank you for taking the time to 
express your ideas and thoughts.  As we get further along into the season, 
and the dock becomes busier  we will need to streamline the process a bit 
more. Here are a couple of things that you can do to help keep the line 
moving and help us get everyone out on the water quickly and on your 
way home after sailing:

When you arrive at the boathouse, grab a PFD and a sail before coming

to the dockhouse. Remember to line up starting at the ramp instead of
the stairs to limit confusion and traffic.  If assigned to an incoming
boat, wait on the dock away from the boathouse.

These small things can help improve the flow of traffic around the

dockhouse and we believe will speed up both sign-outs and sign-ins.  Thank you for
helping us out with this and for an amazing first couple of weeks of
our sailing season.


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  1. Can we post a sign at the foot of the ramp saying "line starts here" or some such? A PSA is great, but I'm sorry to say, Charlie, that most of your sailors probably don't read the blog.

    Also, how does bringing a sail to the boathouse work if I end up with a boat that's coming in? I guess I can just put the sail back. It's not that much work. This part should also be on the sign (if you want a boat or kayak, please have a PFD and sail or paddle before getting in line).