Thursday, April 12, 2012

America's Cup Get's Interesting

Check out this link to see the latest footage of America's cup racing . I have to confess, that after the last America's Cup where gigantic sailboats (one cat and one tri) cancelled racing one day for some pathetic reason such has too much wind,  I lost complete interest in America's Cup racing and took up wall paper watching.  Trust me, watching wall paper was more interesting than watching the last America's Cup.    However, it is very good news indeed for those of us who love the sport of sailing to  see the current version of America's Cup racing.  The byline today  is "The Best sailors. The Best Boats." They might have it right. The racing is great to watch. The boats go fast and crashes are not uncommon. There's a reason the crews wear helmets.   I wonder if they might be interested in hot pink floaty things (that's a technical term) at the top of their masts?    Whether you know anything about sailboat racing or not, you will find a lot to enjoy in the competition which has become the new America's Cup.



  1. I loved watching those gigantic sailboats from the America's Cup. They're very colorful and so entertaining. It made me wanna look for used boat sales and join next year.

  2. I agree with Erica. It made me want to feel the wind in my hair as I sail through the waters. I even looked up a used boat for sale in Gold Coast.