Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Learn to Race Class to Kick Off in April

I've spent a good part of my life teaching sailing, and sailboat racing.  Throwing yourself into sailboat racing is the best way I know of to learn the fundamental boathandling skills you need to truly become an excellent sailor.  It's not the competition per se but rather the instant feedback loop.  You know immediately if your sail trim is off, your point of sail is off, if anything is off,  as you watch your competition's transom as they sail away.  When I can't figure out why my competitor is pulling away from me I go through a systmatic procedure of comparing and contrasting what I'm doing and what she is doing.  If this doesn't turn the light bulb on for me then when we get back to shore I seek her out and ask her what the heck she was doing to go fast.  I've learned a lot about sailing and racing in this way.  So I want to encourage you as you develop your skills as a sailor at CBI to start racing.   And we have the perfect way  -  CBI's now famous "Learn To Race Class ".  Taught by the extraordinary CBI volunteer Jennifer Bodde, this is a series of three classes, Intro to Racing, Basic Racing Rules, and Basic Racing Strategy.  The first series runs for three consecutive Wednedays, April 18, 25, and May 2, from  7 to 8:30 at the boathouse. 


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