Tuesday, July 20, 2010

YouTube Index I : Videos showing CBI, CBI Sailors, Roll Tacking

Sunday at Community Boating, Boston CBI
A full day viewed from the river camera compressed into a few minutes.

Boston Community Boating
2 young sailors slowly sail back to the dock and pass off their yacht to the next kids going out.

Low Wind Rudderless Sail at Community Boating.Boston.mp4
Phil demonstrates sailing a Cape Cod Mercury on the Charles in the lightest of breezes.

Rudderless Spinnaker Run
Just to keep things simple Phil brings out the spinnaker.

Rudderless Sailing: Tacking
Phil leaves the dock, throws in a quick tack and returns.

420 Roll Tack
Do your roll tack look like this?... Practice, practice, practice….

Laser Sailing-Fred Strammer Roll Tack-from Sailgroove.com
Unique torso twisting roll tack.


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