Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Rant Against Adolescent Whales.

At the bottom of this posting is a link to an interesting and amusing news article with a great picture.  My wife Mari suggested that I might want to use this story as a metaphor to explore how to deal with the inexplicable, unexplainable, and the plain ridicules in sailing (and by extension life).  I thought about this for a moment and all I have to say is there is no explication or explanation for an idiot whale who jumps out of the water and smashes your boat.  What was he/she thinking?! I would certainly give that whale a piece of my mind if he/she jumped on to my boat.  At the very least a stern talking to is required and quite possibly a severe timeout. I mean it's not like we don't have enough things to think about while sailing that we also have to worry about a sailboat smashing whale. Sufferin Succotash!!

I wonder, if the whale was young as was suggested in the article.  Maybe sailboat smashing is something like cow tipping or other adolescent pranks we humans are familiar with.  I hope so.  Because if that whale is one of the species' best and brightest then my estimation of whaledom is seriously diminished and I will reconsider my view of all whales moving forward.

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