Friday, July 23, 2010

The History of CBI and our Unique Place in the World.

Community Boating Inc. is the nation's oldest and largest community sailing program.  Founded in 1946, CBI brought together all interested parties who were engaged in developing a public sailing program here on the Charles River.  Joe Lee was the vissionary leader who first got children sailing on the river in the 1930's.  It took a bit of sorting out over 10 years but eventually the result is what we've got today - a true community of sailors, and volunteers.  It is a regular occurance for me to receive inquiries from individuals trying to organize  public sailing programs in their own community.  In my experience CBI has hosted delegations from all over the US, Europe, and Asia.  They want to know how we operate, how our finances work, and what our relationship to government is.  We take some pride in being an open book and sharing what we know with anyone interested.  It is no small coincidence that there are many other organizations in the world today called "community boating".  I love it. It expands the meaning of the word "community".  So while you are here I hope you will appreciate that you are part of something special in the world, and whatever it is, it is s..p..r..e..a..d..i..n..g!
For an indepth understanding about the history of CBI in the early days, you should read an article recently published in Sea History, the publication of the National Maritime Historical Society.  

PDF of article:

I'd like to also thank and recognize CBI member, sailor, and volunteer Gary du Moulin, and my wife Mari Snow, who collaborated on the article and generously included me as an author, even though they did all the work.



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