Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Day is Here! Weather Forecast - Sunny, 80

Have you ever considered that weather is a state of mind?  I hope so.  Because I have for a long time now been boasting and bragging that it is always Sunny and 80 on the dock at CBI, ......which it is. In fact I even promised my boss (CBI's Board of Directors) that we would open on April 1 and I would personally deliver a sunny, gorgeous, and warm day. Recently a few naysayers have pointed out to me that the weather forecast for tomorrow includes snow.  What's your point I say?  Let's consider... Isn't weather as we generally know it something that we experience?  And haven't we all noticed how no two people can be counted on to recount in the same way experiences that they allegedly share?  Therefore we see that no experience is the same for any two individuals and therefore experience is an invalid basis for quantifying states of being and any related issues. So while it may appear to some that snow, rain and cold will be the dominant features of the weather tomorrow, the truth is that it will be warm, sunny, and windy.

Welcome to the 2011 sailing season!


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