Friday, March 11, 2011

Junior Instructors In Training complete complete winter projects

A few weeks back I made a promise to the world.  I said I would get rid of all the snow, at least in my neighborhood.  I just needed a little time.  I'm pleased to report that my work is now done, ahead of schedule and under budget! By next Monday all the ice left in the river will also be gone!  Boy does that feel good to get that out of the way. 

Last winter CBI  Director of Youth Programs, Amy Lyons, hosted a group of Junior Program Instructors In Training.  Amy worked with these CBI sailors to develop skills as future sailing instructors.  They taught classes, gave presentations, and worked on projects including  knot boards and man-over-board "dummies".  Amy's report follows along with a "class picture" 

CBI is many things. One thing  which many adult members may not be aware, is how much CBI is a youth training, development, and leadership program.  Sailing teaches many valuable skills and concepts.  But nothing compares to the experience of teaching sailing to others.  There is a good chance that one day you will be seeing some of these faces on our dock staff.  And when you do I predict that they will amaze you at their self confidence, responsibility, knowledge, and general where-with-all.  Congratulations IITs!

Community Boating's first Winter Instructor In Training program was a great success!  The nine juniors who participated learned skills that will help them be excellent IITs, and they also made instructional aids that will be useful to all Community Boating members.  Over the course of seven meetings, these juniors lead team building exercises and learned how to construct lesson plans.  Each junior chose a topic, and wrote their own lesson plans which they presented to the rest of the group.  Their presentations were all excellent, and we are excited to have such enthusiastic and well-trained IITs on board for this summer!  The IITs also made four new "person overboard" buoys, and three traveling knotboards that will allow members to practice tying basic knots.  We would like to thank the following juniors for taking part in this program: Maria Condon, Tori Condon, Gregor Dieckow, Chris Dsida, Khalil Kaba, Andrew Lazaro, Fiona O'Connor, Sam White, and Ben Zheng.

Pictured (left to right) back row: Chris Dsida, Gregor Dieckow, Khalil Kaba, Maria Condon front row: Fiona O'Connor, Tori Condon.
Winter IIT participants show off their handiwork - three new knotboards for our members!

Amy Lyons


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