Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some take aways from the National Sailing Programs Symposium

During the last week of January, CBI program managers Tom Moore, Marcin Kunicki, Amy Lyons, Andrew Alletag, and board member Adam Schepp and I spent a not unpleasant week in Clearwater Florida attending the US Sailing National Sailing Programs Symposium (NSPS).  NSPS is the annual conference hosted by US Sailing bringing together close to 300 individuals who manage, direct, and support sailing programs from every corner of the world ( mostly community based).  This year the attendee who travelled the farthest came from Hong Kong. CBI made some what of a splash this year by sending a delegation of 6 and receiving several awards for various outstanding achievements (Details to follow in my next blog).  I haven't attended an NSPS in several years.  This one made quite an impression on me.  I am truly bursting with pride to see how CBI's management team is regarded on the national stage.  Tom, Marcin, Amy, Adam and I  were all breakout presenters (Andrew, you get a pass for being the rookie this year!). US Sailing and NSPS are a lot like CBI - many. volunteers giving to others and receiving back in return.

Sometimes you take for granted what is in front of you every day. And I am guilty of this as much as anyone else.  When I see where CBI is today, and compare that to so many other programs, not just in the US but on the international stage, and recognize our  large and engaged volunteer community, I see the fruition of a beautifal idea and the core strength of CBI.  This is important  because with the construction of the new dock, I am very much impressed that the state's investment of close to $3 million, is based in part,on CBI, who we are and what we do, and more importantly what we will do in the future. The impact of CBI is in many ways much bigger than the small sailing area we enjoy today between the bridges.

While the dock gets closer to completion with each day, CBI gets closer to a new beginning.  I suspect that  great beginnings are built on great endings. CBI is 65 years old in 2011 and has had a truly great  run and a long list of accomplishments.  Now it's time for us to build the next 65 year together.    Next blog  - CBI Operations Director Tom Moore, Director of Junior Sailing Amy Lyons, and CBI receive multiple national awards!

[So we weren't gone that long and when we came back there is snow  piled high and thick everywhere.  What happened??!!  What did you all do??!!  Sigh.......My promise - it will take me 7 to 9 weeks but I will get rid of all the snow. You're welcome.]  -Charlie


  1. Seems like a lot of work to be done ahead - good for you and everybody else! Good luck on the new dock.

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