Friday, June 18, 2010

Charlie’s gonna write a blog

For some time now I have been hearing the voices of technological progress (I hope you are hearing them too or else I may have other issues) heralding the new ways to do old things better, faster, more efficiently.  The Google on the internets perhaps best shows how our lives have changed dramatically due to the technological revolution we have all been living (suffering?) through.  A certifiable trailing-edge technology guy, I have so far managed to avoid nearly all contact with social networking media such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.  Skeptical, dubious, and change averse, I am clearly a late adopter.  The drum beats on however, and even I can hold out only so long. Recently I have been persuaded that I need to start using some of these tools if I am to best serve the needs of Community Boating Inc. (CBI) in my role as Executive Director.  So I boldly set out to go where I am sure I will blunder, stumble, fall and otherwise find myself in various pickles, and wondering why I’ve done this to myself.

I am going to write a blog.  In fact if you are reading this then you are reading my first one.  Lucky you! However, I have some concerns. My understanding is that blogs need to be written regularly and should be at least mildly interesting so folks will want to read the next installment. The pressure mounts already.  I worry that I could possibly have anything much to say that will interest you, let alone regularly.  What’s that sound?  The peanut gallery snickering already? But I set sail with the breeze no matter what the tide and no matter what embarrassment I may cause myself.

What to write about?.....  In order to advance CBI, I will try to focus on themes which I think are important to CBI and on which I draw inspiration - Sailing For All, Volunteerism, and Community.  If I get this right, these three broad themes will inspire, inform and generally provide the context for why this blog exists.   I will attempt to throw in some jokes, light humor, and occasionally sound like a pirate. I can also promise to  use nautical metaphors and allegory, mention a good article or two, point out some other blogs, books, movies, events, and issues important to CBI, and hopefully find something to keep you engaged  with CBI, sailing for all, volunteerism, and community here at the Boathouse on the Charles River.   I will endeavor to drum up an original idea once in a while, (although  if I were you I wouldn’t hold my breath).   I’d like to set your expectations reasonably low so that you will be kind to me.   I will try to write in a light conversational style avoiding one of my college professor’s comments after reading a long term paper, “not bad, too bad your writing style is so turgid”.

I found “turgid” in Webster’s unabridged dictionary.  It means swollen, bloated, inflated, distended, or grandiloquent, tumid, pompous, and bombastic. That was one mean professor. Grrr….
And last I will try to keep things short and to the point.



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